Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

Radiometric Infrared ThermographyRadiometric infrared thermography is one of the most effective inspection technologies available to quickly, accurately and safely evaluate thermal anomalies.  Infrared thermography is an ideal non-destructive technology for evaluating electrical equipment and components for loose connections, poor contacts, overloading, capacitor breakdowns, unbalanced loads and overheating.  Transformers can be inspected for overheated bushings and blocked cooling passages.

Mechanical ApplicationsMechanical applications include measuring bearing, oil, motor and generator winding temperatures, conveyor roller/bearing temperatures, refractory or insulation breakdown in boilers, heat exchangers, heaters, furnaces and kilns, determining tank levels, inspecting above and underground process piping for leaks or insulation breakdown, evaluating steam traps and steam and condensate piping and steam heated equipment such as paper machine dryer rolls and Yankee dryers.  We can locate blocked air coolers and radiators on engines.  We can detect air leaks and clogged condenser tubes in refrigeration systems.

Infrared CamerasBuilding applications for infrared thermography include building envelope evaluations, moisture surveys and roof leakage inspections.

Our infrared cameras can detect gas leaks undetectable to the human eye both above and underground.  We can detect sub-surface combustion and identify watercourse pollution plumes by temperature differential.

We have hand held as well as drone mounted thermal cameras.

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