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Frazier Reliability Solutions has over 20 years of experience helping the pulp and paper industry operate safely and reliably.  Whether you need help with felt roll inspections, gear inspections, steam trap surveys, steam and air leak surveys, or infrared surveys of steam joints, we can help.   Let us put our experience and technology to work for you.


Paper Machine Dryer Rolls
Paper Machine Dryer Rolls

Over the last two decades, we have inspected thousands of dryer rolls following the industry standard for dryer roll inspections:  TAPPI TIS 0402-16 “Guidelines for the Inspection and Nondestructive Examination of Paper Machine Dryers“.


The TAPPI standard recommends the following types of inspection:

  1. An internal and external visual inspection.
  2. A magnetic particle inspection of the external surfaces of each dryer roll head.  We believe that the wet fluorescent magnetic particle method is the best technique for dryer head inspections.
  3. Ultrasonic testing of 20% of all head bolts.
  4. Ultrasonic thickness measurements of the shells.  The TAPPI standard requires two longitudinal scans of the shell 180° apart.  We use the state of the art ScanTech D2S automated ultrasonic system that produces a shell profile in real-time (B-scan).

Ultrasonic testing Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements


Yankee Dryer InspectionsLike dryer rolls, Yankee dryers must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure their mechanical integrity.

We perform Yankee dryer inspections in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code and TAPPI’s Yankee Dryers:  Guidelines for Safety and Condition Assessment”.



Shell Out of Roundness


The National Board Inspection Code recommends Yankee Dryer inspections be performed every two years.  The scope of the inspection should include the following:

Head to shell joint. We perform a thorough visual inspection of this critical area.

Shell out of roundness. We use an array of dial indicators to verify that the shell is round across the entire width of the shell.  Out of roundness could be an indicator of a head to shell problem caused by “corrosion jacking”.


Flange CheckShell centerline thickness.  We perform an ultrasonic thickness profile of the shell.

Tilt of head flange.  We use dial indicators to check for flange runout which could be an indicator of a head to shell problem caused by “corrosion jacking”.

Integrity and security of internal parts.  In addition to an external visual inspection, we also perform a thorough internal inspection looking for any missing keeper wires or bolts or damage to siphons, piping, bracing or other internal parts.



Feeler GagesSpigot fit of flanged joints (head-to-shell, head-to-journal).  Using feeler gages, we check the spigot fit looking for any deviations.

Internal InspectionIntegrity of structural bolts and studs.  We check all head to shell and head to journal bolts and studs for cracking using a straight beam ultrasonic tester.

With our mechanical partners, we can provide complete turn key dryer inspections include opening, closing and mechanical repairs in addition to the nondestructive testing required by TAPPI and your insurance company.

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