The Importance of an Outstanding Asset Management System

Asset Management

The key to maximizing production and ensuring system safety is asset management. Companies need to know the ins and outs of their equipment in order to efficiently manage everyday operations. Negligence towards a company’s assets can lead to serious repercussions, resulting in loss of profit and possible loss in credibility. Every once in a while, we here an unfortunate story about a corporation that either loses significant business or goes under as a result of a simple oversight. For example, the recent issues in the food industry involving Blue Bell ice cream and Peter Pan peanut butter. Or the overbooking situation with United Airlines last year.

assetIndustrial and manufacturing plants have hundreds or thousands of assets that must be precise and up-to-date in order to guarantee production. A simple oversight can force production behind weeks, or even months. Not to mention, employee safety could be at risk. Point being, you need to ensure your plant adopts the kind of asset management system that can ensure oversights never happen and that the company’s plans stay on track.

Asset Cloud

Frazier Reliability Solutions uses “Asset Cloud” as its Asset Management Program. Wasp Barcode Technologies established Asset Cloud in 2016, with the goal in mind to make asset management more user-friendly. The system collects all types of data that can be dispersed among employees and uploaded to a company’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The use of Asset Cloud is actually quite simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Find the asset
  2. Fill out the cloud-based data form via cell phone or tablet
  3. Upload a photo of the asset and nameplate
  4. Print out a bar code
  5. Attach the bar code to the asset
  6. Scan the bar code

Once these basic steps are complete, the asset will be in the system forever and will then be subject to all sorts of data processing. Inventory information will be readily available and can be reviewed at the convenience of your mobile device. While it will be time-consuming to create a barcode one-by-one, understand that you will only have to do this one time. From that point on, all assets will be uploaded and easily accessed for the life of the Asset Cloud.

Of course, when dealing with machinery, it is essential each machine is routinely inspected. Asset Cloud makes inspection easy. Once an asset is inspected, you can scan the barcode and the asset will be entered into the cloud. This process will organize the assets, separating the ones that have been inspected from the ones that have not.

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