Four Benefits of Using Advanced Drone Technology

Benefits of Drone Technology

Drones are the current big thing. There are basic drones that are popular among kids, teenagers, and some adults. These drones are purchased solely for their flying, or hovering capabilities. Then there are highly advanced drones used for industrial purposes. Advanced drones have many innovative features that simplify difficult or dangerous jobs. They have gained momentum in commercial industries over the past few years. Specifically, construction and manufacturing companies have adopted this state of the art technology to improve the safety of their workers and their work output. Here of some of the notable benefits of drone technology:

Safety first

Unfortunately, injuries and casualties do occur on construction sites and industrial plants. No matter how experienced a worker may be, he/she is human, and one misstep could put his/her life in danger. Drone technology can’t build (at least not yet), but it can survey a specific area that may be at an unsafe height or an unsafe location. Moreover, drones can inspect difficult to view areas to determine any potential dangers.

State of the art drones have built-in high definition cameras. As a result, they produce a clean image which enables accuracy and a live look for workers when an inspection is in progress. Drones see everything first, to ensure a structure is ready and safe to be worked.

Improved and simplified logistics

Construction sites and industrial plants perform optimally when projects are precise and on schedule. Research indicates most related projects are 20% over schedule and 80% over budget. Drones can get both numbers to 0%. Moreover, drones produce BIM (Building Information Modeling), in which a drone surveys an area based off ground control points. This specific feature results in data that is accurate to within 1/4 of an inch of the building’s actual measurements. In addition, drone technology is able to create 2D orthophotos and 3D digital models. Orthophotos measure true distances, as they are based off an actual representation of the Earth’s surface.

Think of the incredible amount of data that could be obtained to help with project planning and overall logistics. Certainly, you would want your company to improve in those areas. Aerial technologies create much needed shortcuts to help companies gain a competitive advantage.

Improved and simplified project collaboration

Drone’s cloud-based data produces video that can be viewed and shared. Those who have monetary interest in the company can check status of projects and the company’s progression by viewing videos from construction sites or plants. Thus, stakeholders can save themselves a trip to the actual location to check in on the company. This works for higher up officials or for any worker who is off-site. Thoughts, ideas, and suggestions will be communicated based on on-site video. Drone technology enables enhanced communication all throughout the company, saving everyone valuable time and money. 

Reduced rework

Every benefit of drone technology is directed at doing work correctly the first time. Drones make it easier to prepare for a project. Conducting an initial drone inspection gives workers an overview of a structure to ensure they see it from all angles. Also, drones produce specific data which reduces man-power and physical testing. Ultimately, drones can survey a site six times faster than any conventional method. Drones pinpoint trouble areas, whether safety risks or faulty work. The state of the art technology and advanced metrics offered through drone surveying make it easier to execute a project with little to no error.

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