3 Innovative Technologies to Simplify Industrial Inspection

Innovative Technologies to Simplify Industrial Inspection

Throughout the industrial industry, safety and precision are the top priorities. The equipment used, the work environment, and the overall production expectations result in serious on-the-job pressures and risks. When dealing with such pressures and risks, it is imperative that all systems used are in prime condition, ready for the work at hand. This assurance is reliant on industrial inspection.

Recent technological advancements have simplified the inspection process. Whether it be inspecting pipelines, structures or storage tanks, industrial plants can now make use of specific technology to complete an inspection rather than requiring a worker to do it. The specific technology includes drones, submersibles and robots.


Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Systems (if you want to use the technical term), are becoming more and more prevalent among industrial inspection techniques. First off, drones can fly. Secondly, drones are generally quite small in size. These qualities make them ideal for reaching confined spaces or considerable heights. They are controlled simply by remote. You will be amazed by the many benefits of drone technology.

Drone technology enables live video streaming with high definition cameras. Certain drones will consist of infrared cameras capable of completing thermal evaluations of high voltage equipment, live flares, pipelines, boilers and furnaces. They can also detect leaks by surveying moisture levels. If a certain project is under construction and you need to determine whether part of the structure is properly intact, you can fly a drone to the location to take photos or live video rather than sending a human being.


Submersibles liken drones, only they operate on ground rather than in air. Storage tanks, dams, reservoirs, bridges, culverts, offshore rigs…practically anything you can think of that contains a liquid substance can be inspected by a submersible. The makeup of this unique machine enables it to grip to most any surface. It can stand flat, on its side, and even upside down.

Submersibles include cameras for video and image capture. You will have a live-look at whatever it is you are having the submersible inspect. In addition, you will have full control over the submersible, able to steer it in any direction and aim the camera where you need it to be aimed, zoomed in or out.


Lastly, robots make for great industrial inspection usage as well. They have the versatility of submersibles; however, they are larger and built more sturdily. Frazier Reliability Solutions has explosion proof robots meant of course for hazardous environments. Video and image capability are shared qualities for robots just as they are drones and submersibles. Among these three innovative machines, every inspection task should be possible. In certain instances, these machines may even be able to fix the problem rather than just inspecting the problem.

If you are interested in obtaining any of this specific equipment to help your plant thrive, give Frazier Reliability Solutions a call at (469) 557-8826. You can learn more about our innovative technology via our website—www.gofrazier.com—and our blog. We look forward to simplifying your industrial inspection techniques.

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