Quality Control: Why is it So Important Now?

Quality Control is at the Heart of a Long-Lasting Company

Quality control is a term used in nearly every commercial industry. A company may have a stellar product or service but producing it with consistent results can be challenging. It’s the role of the quality-control department to keep up with safe and reliable products. Why is quality control so important now? Take a look at the details behind this complex world that’s typically supported by a third-party company.industrial tank inspection

Employee Safety

Your employees are assets to the company. They bring skill and professionalism to the industry. It’s impossible to stay in business without talented individuals running the facility. Their safety is paramount as a result.

Quality control includes safety parameters around the workplace. No one will be injured by a neglected pipe or rogue element with quality control in place, for example. If an employee is hurt at work, the company is vulnerable to lawsuits. However, keeping quality control as a priority protects everyone involved. Most industries have some volatile conditions that must be carefully controlled, such as hot pipes and steam releases.

Asset Protection

Assets might include infrastructure, proprietary information and transports. Each industry has specific items that are crucial to their operations. An industrial tank inspection, for example, may be necessary so that the structure remains intact for optimal efficiency.

Quality control protects assets from being damaged or vandalized. A regular schedule brings QA personnel to each item in the workplace. They look over and test the asset. By looking at the item with a fine-toothed comb, the asset maintains its stability in the workplace. When it comes to industrial assets, these items can cost thousands of dollars to replace. QA minimizes costs from many different angles.

Reputation Stability

Industries go through both good and bad times. QA calms the waters when times are tough. Reputation stability is the result of attention to detail. If a company catches an issue early on, such as a leaking tank, damages are rapidly cleaned up. The company didn’t have to close down or issue a statement. Maintaining a solid reputation is priceless in today’s competitive world.

Both vendors and customers appreciate quality control because they know you’ll fight for your reputation. It reflects a quality product or service, which can be counted on during any day of the year.

Out-of-Sight Concerns

Quality control is in place because many aspects of a business are hidden from view. A pipe buried deep in a production array may spring a tiny leak. This damage can quickly grow out of control. With QA personnel on the job, they discover the leak as soon as it occurs.

Out-of-sight concerns impact every aspect of an industry. Protocols must be set into place so that no issue goes unseen. Your safety and reputation are on the line in these cases.

Slow Decline

Quality control isn’t all about the obvious issues either. Slow decline over the years can create major problems for pipes, tanks and more. Experts might use sensitive thermometers to gauge temperature changes along assemblies. Over time, overheating may be pinpointed and resolved. Without the QA inspections, temperature increases wouldn’t be located.asset

Temperature fluctuations cause catastrophic failures in any type of assembly. Ideally, weekly assessments should be made. Verifying proper ranges equates to safe, working conditions and asset protection.

Projecting Maintenance Schedule

All of this QA data tells a story. You’ll know when a pipe or tank requires another inspection, subsequent cleaning or outright repair. Being able to project a clear, maintenance schedule will practically halt any breakdowns in the future.

Although it costs money to maintain assets on a regular schedule, it’s minimal compared to actual breakdowns. If you intend on selling an asset down the line, this documentation of inspections and repairs actually increases its value. Quality control pays for itself in the end.

Competitive Edge

It’s not unheard of to advertise your quality-control prowess. For many companies, being transparent about QA is part of the marketing plan. It gives the company a competitive edge.

When customers and vendors understand that a company uses QA every day, they feel more comfortable about the products and services than ever before. Certainly, this attention to detail might prompt customer loyalty for many years to come.

Your industry may be required to document and report certain parameters. Go above and beyond the call of duty by inspecting every critical asset. You’ll save money and gain loyal followers with a well-run company.

Consider Frazier Reliability Solutions for your industrial tank inspection processes and beyond. Our team can create a quality-control plan that works for your budget. Keeping track of your maintenance and repairs will only protect your brand into the future.

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