How Advanced Drones Improve Safety and Efficiency across Industries

Improve Safety and Efficiency through Advanced Drones

When running any type of industrial or manufacturing plant, or a construction site in Dallas, TX, the top priority should be worker safety and the #2 priority should be efficiency. With today’s advanced technology, there is no reason to lack in either area. Advanced drones, for example, can simplify any potentially dangerous task. They can also improve project timelines by completing certain tasks much quicker than a worker would be able to.

Let us inform you of a couple of noteworthy statistics:

  • The majority of industrial/manufacturing/construction projects are 20% over schedule and 80% over budget (per McKinsey)
  • In 2015, OSHA reported 927 construction fatalities in the U.S. 40% were from falls

How can those statistics be vastly improved?

advanced dronesThrough the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Advanced drones!

First off, drones can completely rid of scaffolding. Workers will no longer have to put themselves at risk by scaling parts of buildings, climbing into tight spaces, or standing at absurd heights. Instead, the aerial capabilities of drones will handle those things.

Drones can fly (or hover) at very high heights. They can fit into tight spaces and they can inspect all areas of a structure, whether from the side, from above or from within.

Even more impressive…

Cameras can be installed onto advanced drones, both traditional and infrared. They will be able to take pictures and record live stream videos for workers to analyze. Without having to leave the ground, you can obtain confirmation that a structure is intact or you can be enlightened to structural issues that need to be fixed.

Infrared cameras can complete thermal evaluations on many types of equipment, including live flares, above and below ground pipelines, boilers, and furnaces. They can also conduct roof moisture surveys and building envelopes. They can inspect hazardous spaces to protect an individual from doing so and they can inspect storage tanks, preventing workers from having to enter them.

Ultimately, your plant or site can save tons of money on scaffolding equipment, prevent injury and fatality lawsuits, save hours and hours of labor, and obtain more precise results from industrial inspections. All through the use of advanced drone technology. Not too shabby, eh?

GPS Mapping/Modeling

Speaking of saving time, drones can survey a site 6 times fast than conventional inspection methods. They can collect data needed to produce 2D orthomosaics, 3D point clouds and digital surface models.

Models are outstanding tools for creating perspective and developing plans. The more exact a model, the more prepared a crew will be to execute a plan on a full-scale operation. Advanced drones can develop as-built site data accurate to within ¼’’ through BIM (Building Information Modeling). You’ll be able to cross reference data, imaging, video and modeling in order to develop a plan of attack. All of this provided by a remote-operated flying mechanism.

If you are interested in drone technology for your Dallas, TX operations, contact Frazier Reliability Solutions. We are one of the very few companies approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Association) for commercial drone operations. Our drone pilots are insured and are licensed by the FAA.

Think of drone usage as a shortcut to smoother, more timely operations, and also as way to protect your workers!

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